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St Simons Island Light Tackle Fishing

Golden Isles light tackle fishing can be a one of a kind experience. Golden Isles sight fishing offers an exciting visual experience as well. Redfish, tarpon, tripletail, spotted sea trout and flounder are favorites in the St Simons Island and Golden Isles area.

This area has had a long-standing reputation for its Georgia bull reds in the surf, but their smaller counterparts, Georgia redfish in the 5-15lb range, do not get as much fishing pressure. Sight fishing a school of Golden Isles redfish in literally inches of water and casting to them with light tackle fishing gear without spooking them can be the thrill of a lifetime.

And don't forget one of the most unique tripletail fisheries on the Atlantic coast. Come throw top water and soft plastics at these free swimming surface fish. Frustrating at first, but all is soon forgotten when the drag is screaming and a 10lb Georgia tripletail is making several jumps as he aims for the horizon. And don't think you can take a Georgia tarpon on plug casting gear with artificials? Think again!

In addition to the incredible Golden Isles light tackle fishing opportunities, Georgia's wildlife helps to provide an extraordinarily surreal experience. Birds of prey, bald eagles and ospreys as well as wading birds commonly observed include snowy egrets, reddish egrets, white ibis and roseate spoonbills. Bottlenose dolphins, the occasional manatee, American alligators and river otters are definite possibilities as well.