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St Simons Island Fly Fishing Species Calendar

The following calendar is compiled from our personal experience fishing the waters around St. Simons Island over a 25 year period. It considers the likelihood of weather being normal as well as the likelihood of finding the species in a fishable situation at that time of year. We have found that when the weather is good and appropriate for the time period the fishing is good.

Many of our species are here all year round while others come and go with the seasons. Redfish, year round residents, come on the flats when it's warm to feed and when it's cold to sun themselves. In summer they feed early and late while in winter they feed during the warmest part of the afternoon.

Remember that fish do no know the calendar month only the wind, temperature, moon phase and barometric pressure. The great thing about the St Simons Island area of the Georgia coast is that we have so many options and when the weather is unseasonable it pays to be flexible and adjust targets accordingly.

Redfish E E E E E E E E E E E E
Seatrout G E E E E E G G E E E G
Flounder F F G G E E E E G G F F
Tripletail P P F G E E E G F P P P
Cobia P P P G E E E G F P P P
Tarpon P P P P G G E E G F P P
Sharks P P P P G G E E G F P P
Mackeral P P P P P G E E G P P P
Jacks P P P P G E E E G P P P
Ladyfish P P P P G E E E G P P P
Legend: E ~ Excellent, G ~ Good, F ~ Fair, P ~ Poor